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Easy Photo Effects 3.0

Easy Photo Effects will let you apply visual filters to your photos
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J. Mintjes

Easy Photo Effects will let you apply filters to your photos. You can use these filters without altering their presets, and you will not regret about the results. Still, for more personalized results, you can always adjust each of the effects according to your needs and taste.

This software is absolutely easy to use. In this respect, this program’s advantage compared with other sophisticated software lies in its lack of pretentiousness. In fact, this software’s interface is quite plain. There is a set of unattractive buttons at the top, one for each of fourteen visual effects, accompanied by other buttons to adjust each filter’s parameters. Despite this lack of appeal, it still will be very easy for anyone to know what to do with these buttons, no matter how inexperienced that person may be.

The editing process is very easy: open an image, apply a filter and save the results. If you want to undo the changes you have made, there is the Reset Image button to restore a photo to its original state.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is extremely easy to use


  • The interface is not attractive
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